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What's Coming to HubSpot in 2023: How To Optimize Your Tech Stack to Accelerate Growth

Kayla Mejer |5 min Read

What's Coming to HubSpot in 2023: How To Optimize Your Tech Stack to Accelerate Growth

Ah… Q4. What a pivotal time for businesses in every industry. And this year’s challenges—an impending recession, inflation, quiet quitting, and more—are not making it easy to prepare for success in the new year. Despite the rise in inflation (an 8.6% increase within the last year), 51% of organizations still plan to increase IT budgets in 2023. And while only 6% plan to rollback spending on tech, experts predict IT budgets will grow by 13% YOY in 2023, with a median increase of 5%. The statistics speak for themselves. The best way to maximize revenue growth in 2023 is to optimize your tech stack.

As a HubSpot Solutions Partner Agency, we know a thing or two about how you can optimize your tech stack with HubSpot’s new marketing and sales tools to accelerate growth. In this article, we’re exploring and detailing some of HubSpot’s latest platform features and enhancements. Which feature will help you reach your goals in 2023? Continue reading to find out!

Optimize Your Tech Stack with HubSpot’s New Marketing Tools

At INBOUND 2022, HubSpot’s CEO, Yamini Rangan, stated that we’re in a crisis of disconnection. And the only way to connect with our customers, our people, and our data is to leverage the right tools to better understand what our customers want. With HubSpot’s new marketing tools, you can optimize your tech stack to bridge the gap between all these disconnections to drive growth. 

HubSpot’s Integration with Google’s Enhanced Conversions for Web

HubSpot is building out full functionality to integrate Google’s ad campaigns with your HubSpot account. This means you’ll gain deeper insight into your buyers, their behavior, and engagement with your brand all directly within your HubSpot portal. Plus, this new tool will help you better manage and optimize your conversion strategies. How so? The integration matches hashed, first-party, user-provided data from your Google ads landing pages (i.e. an email address or phone number) with Google’s consented data that’s collected when a user logs into their account. 

HubSpot compiles this data to measure your leads’ and customers’ behaviors and helps you make data-driven decisions on which content you should create and share with your buyers. Here’s what you can expect to gain from this new tech:

  • More accurate conversion measurement
  • An increase in observable data
  • Improved conversion modeling quality

In a statement from HubSpot, they proclaim, “Enhanced conversions for web through HubSpot will enable you to preserve and improve your conversion measurement quality through privacy preserving technology.” 

Enhanced Marketing Campaigns for the Win

A good marketing campaign is based on alignment between all stakeholders, clear and concise data, and accurate performance analytics. With Google’s enhanced marketing campaigns, you gain all the above. Often throughout a campaign, marketers need to pull data from disparate sources and systems. With HubSpot’s marketing campaigns, you can track all your components within one easily accessible place. 

That’s right, you’ll be able to access all of your campaign tools and customer data in one centralized location. HubSpot research even determined that users who leveraged the marketing campaign tool:

  • Added 66% more contacts than others
  • Saw an average of 68% more form submissions than those who did not
  • Also used the campaign analytics tool and ended up adding an average of 72% more contacts

What benefits does this bring to your marketing efforts? Here’s just a few:

  • You’ll be able to align teams around each campaign component
  • You can track complex campaigns and data in one place
  • You get to work with built-in collaboration tools so you can add context to your campaigns
  • You’ll gain real-time performance insights

The One WhatsApp Integration to Connect “Them” All

What’s up with the WhatsApp integration with HubSpot? It’s better than ever, that’s what. As stated above, today’s buyers are feeling a lack of connection with brands. It’s important to optimize your tech stack with the tools that enable connectivity with your leads, prospects, and customers at every stage of their buying journey. 

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app with over two billion active users per month. HubSpot’s WhatsApp integration allows you to track all customer WhatsApp interactions and conversations in HubSpot. The main advantage here? Customer service, sales and marketing teams can stay aligned and never fail to miss a message.

Here’s what you can expect to get from this tech integration:

  • The power to automate and personalize messages
  • The capability to build long-lasting customer relationships 
  • The ability to deliver delightful customer experiences
  • Your entire team will get 360° context on each customer’s conversation history

HubSpot’s Free CMS Tools Empower You to Succeed

Not sure if a paid plan with HubSpot fits your budget just yet? We totally get it—and so does HubSpot. That’s why they’re offering a free suite of content management tools for marketers and developers. And when we say these tools are free, we mean they’re free forever, not just for a 14-day trial. Pretty cool, huh? 

Now, you can:

  • Build a killer website with flexible themes and drag-and-drop functionalities
  • Grow your presence online with free email, meeting, and live chat tools
  • Measure your marketing performance with website analytics
  • Capture and follow up with leads in one central place

HubSpot’s Latest Sales Tools that Drive Revenue Growth

Today’s customers want a friction-free buying process. Can we blame them? Think of the time when you were most recently a new customer. How could the payment process improve? What pain points did you encounter during your buying journey? Was the process drawn out or too quick? With HubSpot’s latest connectivity tools, you can optimize your tech stack to amplify the B2B buying process.

Achieve a Faster Quote-to-Cash Process with Ease

One of the best things you can do for your buyers is give them the freedom to choose how they want to pay. Outdated payment options like physical invoices and mailed checks bog down the payment process. Say you have a customer on retainer or a customer who subscribes monthly to use your SaaS platform. Wouldn’t it be easier for the customer and your company to simply automate these payments on a recurring basis? 

With HubSpot’s new quote software, you’re equipped with the right tech to:

  • Create and send sales quotes directly within your deal management system
  • Collect electronic signatures and payment via a payment link
  • Enable your buyer with channel choice—they can pay via card or ACH
  • Create auto-populated sales quotes in minutes

Now, you can accelerate your organization's growth by sending quotes quickly and closing deals faster with the right tools in your tech stack.

The Custom Object Builder is Key to an Optimized Tech Stack

Messy and unhygienic CRMs and contact databases lead to insufficient marketing initiatives, poor campaign management, and an unsatisfactory customer experience. In the age of the disconnected customer, ensuring your CRM is effectively organized to meet your business needs and goals is essential. That’s why HubSpot is optimizing their custom object builder and making it easier to create custom objects by not gating this capability behind an API.

With the custom object builder, you can create new custom object records that match your business requirements such as a “Service Offering” field, depicting which service offering of yours a contact is interested in. Here’s an example of how it works. Say you create an object titled “Service Offering” to match a contact via an API. Once the object is created in HubSpot, you can create records pertaining to “Service Offering” via import or workflow. Now, you can optimize your tech stack by curating a customized data model without the headaches of coding it yourself. 

Here are just a few benefits of HubSpot’s custom object builder:

  • Enforce consistent data entry and prevent dirty data from accumulating
  • Experience the ease of creating custom objects now that this functionality is not gated behind an API